Yakuza 0: If you’re a fan of blood spilling games, then this one is as good as it gets. There are a bunch of versions of this mob-based game focused on the lives of main characters—Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima—who are caught up in the fight of clans raging for a land war. This installment of the series mainly explains the early lives of both, Kiryu and Majima along with the story of their family which is pretty much is the reason behind the origin of their gangster life.

This game is not just another pile of car bombings, street fighting, and senseless blackmailing. It has a well written, perfectly acted and detailed story behind it that makes the game worth a lot—considering the fact that it’s giving a hell of a competition to new game releases all across the world. On the other hand, the animation that is particularly console based does justice to the story line as well involving great, lengthy scenes. Overall, the game just nails the looks of beautiful cities of Tokyo and Osaka bringing back the inspiring feels with dense details unlike Mafia 3 and Watch Dogs 2.

Apart from the gorgeous neon-soaked streets of the game, Yakuza 0 is much more arcade packed than GTA: Vice City as you can’t just outrun every time at every place so easily. Then, there’s more to this Sega’s latest Japanese crime monster with violence, drama, and the occasional touch of silliness.

Yakuza 0

Yakuza 0 – Tactics and Diversions:

The game is actually customary when it comes to arcade games of the series as it allows you to select among multiple options during missions when you move from A to B. This bulk of optional activities include gambling, fishing, pool, darts, batting, karaoke, fighting clubs and much more. But be warned of the devil that is called ‘’Curiosity’’ because these activities are addictively deep if the simple testing isn’t enough for you. This deepness will lead you to the real estate business of Kiryu in Tokyo and the hostess bar of Majima in Osaka. These require a tremendous amount of time investment—because of the lucrative outline—in the premium mode of the Yakuza 0’s post-credits.

Yakuza 0

Yakuza 0 – Streets and Rage:

In the streets, you will be engaged in fist fights with the thugs on sight but it allows you to beat the shit out of every individual that comes your way. You can choose between three different styles the characters have for example the spinning kicks work best in the crowd and the baseball bat of Majima is way better in close encounters with the bosses. This fighting context is amazingly brutal with brawling, transitioning, and finishing moves. Although, there is no excessive killing in the game but deaths do occur as you go further in the storyline but there is no mass murder kind of a thing in the game at all.

Yakuza 0

Yakuza 0 – Story Wrap-Up:

Yakuza 0

There are more than 100 of the missions in the game but what make the story line more exciting are the side quests. You can teach famous punk bands to learn manners while meeting and greeting fans or bluff your way into the television commercials as a producer which is completely ridiculous in some hilarious sort of way. These quests might be simple but if you want to enjoy the game completely, always have a keen eye for the supporting cast of the game as it might surprise you.

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