When it comes to gaming who doesn’t like violence and some beastly experience. That’s what the first version of watch dogs gave to the players. Now the next version is due in a few weeks and you wouldn’t want to miss it for the world to have some deeper knowledge with a few tips and tricks to play the game to its full potential. These points are to be duly noted as you won’t find them anywhere else in the tutorials or guides whatsoever.

Watch Dogs 2 Gamer's Guide

Watch Dogs 2 – No Rules:

The first thing that this game has to offer is that it’s much more fun than the last version as it contains all those features regarding hacking stuff and mission structure that the gamers didn’t like that much in the previous one. All of this has been done along with a narrative which is pretty impressive seeing that Ubisoft really considered the feedback of the players this time. There is no such thing as morality in the Watch Dogs 2 so you don’t have to care about getting busted even if you are ruthless to the police and civilians. You would run-in with the police very often here.

Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 => Travelling and cars:

The fact that Marcus will be able to cross in between the shops alone makes the game more exciting. At this pace, you won’t be needing cars much but still, it never hurts to travel easily in the vehicles and destroying everything that comes in your way. Unlike in the Watch Dogs, you will be able to download the cars directly at the side of the streets and jump in them right away in this version.

Watch Dogs 2 Guide

Watch Dogs 2 – Stealing and Hacking:

Although you can steal anything in the game for traveling such as cars, bikes and other heavy vehicles but bikes will be more likely the best choice if you want to avoid the alarms and the local police in San Francisco. Besides, hijacking, and unlocking cars are not easy if you have to worry about disabling the alarms at the same time. So, make do with bikes and scooters unless you are absolutely sure about your gaming ability in this game. As for hacking, you will need to get Intel about the operations first and then you can hack the sources to reveal the secrecy of missions following the orange marker that indicates the useful Intel.

Guide For Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 – Money and Fury:

The only way to alert the police is to get many alerts in the short duration, otherwise hurting civilians and making noise won’t do anything at all. It certainly doesn’t help you being more notorious so why take the risk at all? You can use firearms and explosives without a second thought. There is plenty of money for you in the game so Marcus will be able to unlock stuff such as Quadcopter by just dumping the money into the 3D printer. There will be no need to wait for the boring mission stories in this game.

Watch Dogs 2 – Create Distractions:

Watch Dogs 2 Information

The best way to escape an alarming situation and getting to the goals in to create a distraction that will keep the enemies busy. You can also use your drones for this, but calling the hit and engaging the police keeps you safe for longer.

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