This game is a nominee for best games of 2016 so it’s definitely worth to have some detailed information about all the levels of this game. Among all the action, incredible story, multiplayer modes, and maturity, it surely lacks some imagination and indulgence but the three levels in this story make this game really exciting—especially if you love pirates and want to know what the title of this game’ The Thief’s End’ really means. So here’s how the levels of this game play out during the story of the main characters which are Nathan drake, Elena Fisher, and Nathan’s presumed-dead brother, Samuel.

Uncharted 4 – Smooth Criminal:

This act is totally insane since you can control Nate like a puppet. He will use the tools to make the best of the battles but there is no hiding in this game since the enemy is not that boring, lazy, and stupid. You have to shoot your way through the intelligent and credible bad guys because there is no regaining strength by resting or anything. The other thing that makes this level more violent and satisfying is that killing such savvy enemies makes it so much fun as the only way you can silently make a kill is through the long grass.

This game may lack some giant evolutionary stuff but it sure as hell doesn’t lack beauty because of little sudden things —sudden snow, underwater plants with mesmerizing green, and oil paintings in which you can see a clear reflection— that  keep happening while you move through the action.

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Uncharted 4 – The Thief’s End:

This section of the game has a lot action but the locations don’t change that much as there is only forest, climbing, and shooting. There are a lot of crates that you can push off the ledges to make your companions climb up the cliffs. This is where the imagination suffers because of the repetition of the scenes. In the end, the events lead to a full shootout but the pace is slow for an action game. There is no doubt that the game is the prettiest when it comes to the beauty of graphics, choreography, and exploration of characters but a little bit of curiosity might have done the trick. Things pick up significantly by the end as there are exchanges of bucks, a better understanding of the relationships between characters, and much more.

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Uncharted 4 – After the End:

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There is not much to do after the main act but still, you can see the main events in different modes but the most exciting one is the death match in which the teamwork is shown in a completely different way as there is a hit on the most noticeable member of the team. This makes the hunt more fascinating as the moment you try to capture the leaders of other teams, they will attempt to catch yours.  All of this fact paced action is for multiplayer modes as you have to move through the killing strikes so that you can reach the destined place with your idol before the other team does.

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