Torment game is one of the best games made on the civilization where the enemies aren’t dealt with swords. Instead, you spend your time chatting with them in a whole fantasy based world that is full of quests that contain loads of text. The idea of roleplaying games may not be very much valid for this game but the strangely satisfying world along with the wonders that it has to offer surely make up for the necessary combat, making Torment: Tides of Numenera a complete thriller as a roleplaying game.

The game is set to happen in the very far future—a billion years ahead—but the fantasy part of it makes it look like a book where different creatures from the sky and the earth try to kill you just because they are supposed to.

Torment: Tides of the Numenera

Torment: Tides of the Numenera, Main Plot:

The main protagonist, Last Castoff, who is called The Changing God is not a hero at all. He is not on the quest to save the world and he just creates new bodies for the sake of himself and then throws them away after he uses them. Your main goal is to keep The Sorrow that is an unknown thing—and apparently hunts down every castoff it finds—at bay. You are not just some nobody in the game so there are many people who would hang out with you in the groups of three at a time. Their stories are sometimes fascinating as there are soldiers and tricksters among them. Overall the game’s plot is based on pure lines for the characters and the most part of it is text that is sometimes related and fun too.


Torment Gameplay:

Even after you have watched the tutorials, it will be hours before you have to draw your sword at all. You will be just chit-chatting with a bunch of people involving a length text-design with voice acting but the writing is what carries the story of the game till the very end of the gameplay that lasts roughly longer than 35 hours. The story is what you’ll decide as you are the one making the dialogue choices that appear as a lot of checks that virtually contains cascading dialogues options that lead your conversations and interaction with other characters.

There are three combat classes in the game and the revelations are made through conversation but you can use the ability of mind reading to open more options. The way the people react towards you is determined by different colors of tide so you can either talk you way out of everything or pull up your sword every time you dislike the color of your tide.

Torment Guide

Torment Combat and More:

Torment Game Information

The fighting in the game is kind of really slow which makes it boring. You may not have to fight the enemies at all amidst those long conversations and cursing each other. You can easily get away in the band of many men by just distracting them with musical objects or something awesome hidden in your collections.

When you jump into a fight, the fight is so tedious that even after leveling up your skills, you won’t know what to do with them. There are some interesting ideas in the battles of the game, though that includes the persuading skills to end a fight even after it has started. The battles are sometimes disappointing but the positioning system is incredible with good animations.


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Torment Tides of the Numenera

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