It’s the holiday season already, and you might be looking to get some cool games for yourself or friends. No matter which it is, here is a list of our top five VR games I think you should absolutely try out.

1 The Climb


The Climb goes for a first-person experience, and it does that perfectly. Unlike most other games that try to do the same thing, the series of small backdrops the game is set in makes it different.

As you might have found out from the name, the player is expected to climb rocks in different settings. Instead of running around, The Climb requires the player to stand in one location. All the movements required in the game is from the arms and shoulders, which are used for the virtual climbing.

What makes this option a good one is the fact that you can feel good playing it without the touch controls. However, the touch controls add a special touch to the overall experience. It is officially supported on the Oculus Rift for now, but no word on when it will get to HTC Vive users.

2 Minecraft


I couldn’t have gone on with this list without mentioning Minecraft. For now, the title is only available to VRs as an add-on which is strictly supported on the Windows 10 platform.

That is not the only constraint though. If you are using the Oculus Rift, you are in luck. If you’ve got the HTC Vive instead, there is no official support for you. In the case you know your way around mods, you should know that there’s a Vivecraft unofficial mod that will port the VR experience to your machine.

3 Eagle Flight


After taking over the world of consoles with the Assassins Creed titles, Ubisoft has launched into the VR world with Eagle Flight (get that?!?). Set in a European city, you play the role of an eagle that flies across the old city of Paris.

If I am to be completely honest, the game has some minor setbacks you should probably know about. In order to limit motion sickness, Ubisoft opted for a tilt-to-turn motion rather than full body turn. HoIver, that feels very unnatural for the player.

Likewise, the fact that only head movements are recognized makes the rest of the body pretty much useless when playing.

Did I mention that it is supported by both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive? Yeah, I did

4 Tilt Brush


Channel your inner Picasso with this mind-blowing piece of software called Tilt Brush. As the name implies, the game can be basically defined as a painting tool. When you see what it is capable of, you will agree that ‘basic’ is a very wrong word for this game.

Tilt Brush gives you a feeling of magic when you’re creating your masterpiece in the air. To succeed at this game, make sure you have a little bit of artistic flair to go along with your enthusiasm. Otherwise, you can download templates from the library and work on them.

Tilt Brush works on both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

5 Fruit Ninja


I almost made the mistake of not including this in the list. The first time I saw this game was on Android, and I absolutely loved it back then. When I heard the Fruit Ninja VR was out, I finally knew what I wanted to do with my life (haha. I’m kidding… or am I?)

This is a very fun game for one where fruits fly around in the air before you, and you have to slice as much as you can. You are given Vive wands for swords, so get ready to bring out the inner samurai.

Before you play this game, be sure to have the room to yourself. You don’t want to be bumping into people all around, and more importantly, you want to keep the little show of shame to yourself.


And there is our list of the top five VR games for now. Got a title that you feel should have made the list? Drop a comment and let’s check it out too.