Thimbleweed Park: This is one of those games that doesn’t need widescreens or monitors to play it because it is a point and click adventure game that could have come in the 80’s with a bang. The game might be based on a traditional presentation theme but it goes way deeper than you can possibly imagine. Although, it involves traditional puzzle solving and the background voices are not always the best to give humor to certain events but the talking trees and very complicated puzzle chains make it a very deep and a lot memorable adventure you have had in a long time.

Thimbleweed Park Guide

Thimbleweed Park Storyline:

Thimbleweed is a 2017 game set in the 80’s and the story begins when Mulder and Scully—the main protagonists—arrive in the town to solve a murder case with different agendas of their own. There are references to Lucas Arts and Monkey Island in the game. The panel of the hotel elevator and the five main characters who are fighting for the same post in the park I just hard to ignore and then there is the fourth wall that references to the Maniac Mansion—a classic—seems to have been broken so many time that the material must be from the 1980’s commercials.

Thimbleweed Park

Thimbleweed Park: Theme, Puzzles, and Strategy:


Thimbleweed doesn’t have anything dramatic like you have seen in the games where click on the items and there’s littering pixels all over and the puzzles become really confusing. It completely avoids such approach and yet the theme is very much like that but the game has embraced it with an approach that makes sense with a smart, modern problem or to-do lists.

Each and every character has a list of what they need to accomplish that can be used as a checking reference at any time. That is how you can keep track of your activities but without knowing any secrets about puzzles and solutions to specific problems. Still, you would need to reach out to your friends to get hints about stuff. You should always be really focused while exploring a place because either you would miss something that needed to be clicked on or you will just miss the whole logic of a puzzle. The best way to encounter such problems is to revisit the places to get a deeper insight about the puzzles.

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Thimbleweed Park Gameplay and Modes:

Thimbleweed Park

In the gameplay, it helps to have so many characters because, in the later puzzles, you will need to work with all the characters from different locations. You might get overwhelmed by the thought of managing five people and their inventories but the alternative paths are always welcome in the park, will need to get things from places where one of the characters will create distractions and the other will get in, get things, and get out without even being noticed. You will also get a map while playing that works as a fast-travel system for you. The gameplay is longer than 20hours or more with normal mode but there is a casual mode that cuts most of the puzzles out and makes the gameplay simpler. Overall the story is really enjoyable with literally hundreds of puzzles to solve scripted amazingly.

Thimbleweed Park

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