Mobile Gaming World: We’ve had several handheld consoles in the past, we still have quite a few, Nintendo is probably one of the only successful manufacturer behind handheld gaming consoles, whether it’s their Pokémon games or just their technology, we’re not sure.

What we’re completely sure about however, is that many of the other manufacturers failed to even come close to the level of success achieved by Nintendo. But to understand mobile gaming, we first need to understand why handheld consoles are simply a thing of the past.

The Ultimate Demise of Handheld Consoles

Nowadays, everyone has a computer in their pockets, it’s no ordinary computer, it’s more than capable of holding its own against desktop computers from our youth, it’s probably going to give all those computers running Grand Theft Auto Vice City a run for their money.

Technology has developed quite rapidly, we’re currently able to run on our smartphones what we couldn’t even dream of running on gaming computers from a decade ago, but they aren’t just able to out-do those computers because the screen is smaller, no.

Modern smartphones have an insanely high pixel density and resolution; you can still see the pixels on your 1680 x 1050 desktop monitor when you get close to the screen but when it comes to your smartphones, it can fit the same number of pixels, if not more, on a screen the size of your palm.

How are Smartphones the death of handheld gaming?

Mobile Gaming World: The hardware. At the end of the day, a game is only as good as the device it’s being run on, sure people will have their opinion about PlayStation vs Xbox vs PC, but anyone who looks at the situation objectively will know that consoles don’t even come close to a modern gaming PC in terms of its capabilities.

But isn’t the situation completely different? Aren’t consoles still selling more games than PCs? Yes. So how does this relate to mobile gaming and handheld consoles?

A gaming PC requires one to spend quite a hefty sum of cash, a console is the cheaper alternative which is still able to run pretty much all games released, unless the game is PC exclusive, mobile phones however, are nothing like gaming PCs, they’re cheaper and more useful, the best part is that everyone already has one.

Handheld games have been alive for as long as we were capable of making technology small enough to run games on handheld devices, it started with the age old games played on screens which are only found in calculators nowadays and we’ve currently reached a point where we don’t even need 3D glasses to play handheld games in 3D.

Then there’s a simple fact, why would anyone in their right mind purchase a device only for games when they could purchase one which can do everything else while also letting them play games.

The birth of Mobile Gaming World:

Pretty much everyone has played at least one game on their smartphones, whether it’s Flappy Bird, Angry Birds, Plants vs Zombies, Clash of Clans, Temple Run or Piano Tiles, there’s a game out there for everyone, it doesn’t matter if they like strategy or adventure games, perhaps both, there’s a vast array of games to choose from and the list is only going to increase.

It’ll definitely take some time to happen and unless handheld console manufacturers step up their game, we might be seeing the last generation of their devices within our lifetime.

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