If you get easily grossed and still it weirdly satisfying, then this is game for you. Tacoma is a tense space mystery that is solved by listening to the AR recording of the passengers. There are six of them and you have to witness their most intimate private moments which tell how the quality of writing and the class of acting they have put into it. There was a shortage of oxygen supply on the ship that left all these six people, making hard decisions and you have to check their belongings, go through their recorded arguments and use everything at your disposal to reveal what exactly happened in there.

Gameplay and Characters:

The world of Tacoma is mysterious and you will need as much as time you can get to know the crew better because this story is disturbing and full of intrigue, set in a whole lot of future places. You will be an AI Communication Specialist who is brought on board on the Tacoma Station after an emergency is handled. You will be looking at holographic AR recordings to figure out what took place inside while your device downloads all the station data for you. It is an abandoned place so there are no worries about getting attacked by some crazy creature or being swamped by a bunch of creepy guys. You will listen to the recording, analyze the futuristic objects, and play basketball a while if you want.

Vision and Storyline:

No matter who you are, every minute of your life is recorded on the ship using an AR system. There are a few benefits of all this top notch surveillance—a lot of frustration and tense environment though—but the future archeologists benefit the most from all this. The evolution of capitalism is very impressive but the vision behind this whole future space travel thing leaves you stunned. In this time, your loyalty to a brand is worth everything including money making and setting your family’s future. This amazing concept and other future-based issues are what you will be exploring in depth in Tacoma. The storytelling is all about finding the AR recording and then following the projections of those passengers through different places to listen to their conversations. The emotions are sometimes very clearly depicted so a little sympathetic behavior towards crew members can make a great impact. There are a lot of intimate moments between the members and it is easy to connect with their projections, even though everyone here is unique.

Strategies and Tacoma World:

All the crew members are present in every scene, so, it is good if you listen to everyone’s side of the story. There are AR desktops and notes that will help you know more about their personal lives, interests, and issues they had to deal with. Most of the important stuff is revealed in the end scenes but it is simple to put together all the timelines. You can also check their apartments to know more about their lives but a very few of them are interesting, especially Sareh, the medic of the station is fascinating because of her backstory. The world of Tacoma looks pretty strategized as there are rooms full of windows to let the sun in. Then there are activities like codes and other plays that leave you wanting more and more. The best thing about Tacoma is a well-planned zero gravity, AI managed Station that is so fun to explore.