Tabletop Simulator is great, but now, I am forced to say the Tabletop simulator with VR is better. Well, as soon as you get a hang of what you are doing in the virtual world, that is.

As the name implies – in partiality rather than wholly – the game is one that gives you a simulation of other games you would have laid on a table top. In short, it was known for rendering it possible for a user to play conventional board games on a PC. However, in the space of the last few months, the developers started to gear towards VR, and what they have done is just stunning.

Think of your favourite board game. Think of there being no one around to play with, but you are hungry to play anyways. Think of how cool it is to play against others online and not have to restrict yourself to using the mouse and keyboard. Yeah! Think how great it is that you can use your hands to move the ‘virtual’ pieces across the board like you were playing with a real physical opponent.

If those words alone got you anticipating, wait till you try out the game for yourself.

The developers of the game are really gearing towards a big success in the VR world. That is why the title has been getting a lot of good development in the past couple of weeks. However, the devs have promised that they would keep up with updates on the non-VR options likewise, so there is nothing to worry about.

To account for those who might not have a VR headset – of which the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift would render this game perfectly – the devs have made sure a VR user can play against a non-VR user. The modalities of the game remain the same, but the Tabletop Simulator with VR is so much better than the one without.