Like many people, I also like to feel like an action hero, but my Hollywood story is nowhere near starting anytime soon. Determined to make the most of my situation, I am one of those who go for action video games instead. If you then want a game that makes you feel like the embodiment of James Bond, John Wick, Sherlock Homes and all the badass action stars, Superhot VR steps up to the game (no pun intended).

If you have ever played Resident Evil on VR, you will notice how the game creates just the atmosphere to make you feel immersed. What Superhot VR does is not far from that at all.

You get to make decisions like the action heroes you see in movies – which enemies to take out first, what to take them out with, how to disarm them, and the whole nine yards. To make it even unique, you have all the time in the world to analyze your enemies and the environment, since the time doesn’t move until you do.

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Are you thinking what I’m thinking? If you’re thinking Keanu Reeves’ Matrix, then we are on the same track.
All of the blurry lines, aesthetics, and motion of seeing what’s happening in the slow motion but acting in real life speed gives you the badass feeling. How else can you explain what you’d feel after dodging a bullet while taking out an enemy in the same breath?

You are allowed to disarm your enemies, engage in almost real hand-to-hand combats and have your fun, all in the same breath. For me, I appreciate how it is that the game doesn’t follow a template mode of approaching your journey.

You have all the room to get creative with your attack and defense strategies, even using the enemy’s weapons (or any weapon you find lying around) against them.

The Superhot VR title has been released to the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift Headsets. If you have the PlayStation VR too, you are in for a treat. For those that have none of these VR gadgets, or just want the non-VR experience also, know that the same title is available for Xbox One and Xbox One X too.