We almost thought we won’t be getting any updates for Super Mario Run anytime soon, but we thought wrong. A new update pack for the game has not only included some new features, but given us a new character to play as. The update packs a variety of different (and equally interesting) levels, a never-before-seen quick-fire mode and Princess Daisy.

To play as the princess, you’ll have to brave the Remix 10 mode – a gameplay level that features snippets of 10 different levels across the game. You can’t master the Remix 10, reason being that every time you load and play it, you’re faced with a different system of options.

Mathematicians, get your calculators out and check for the combinations and permutations, and you’ll see that they are almost endless.

To rescue Princess Daisy, make sure you collect just enough Rainbow Medals during each of these runs. Not wasting time on this addition, you also get the World Star – a whole new level of adventures. After completing all the levels in the existing game (which spans some six worlds), this new level would be unveiled to you.

Since you are now a world star, don’t expect to be treated the same as average gameplayero you, so good luck battling your way through again.

Some of the subtle features which we still think are cool are the ability to listen to your custom music while playing (your in-game character even wears a headphone if you’re also wearing one!) and also, new decorations for your Mushroom Kingdom.

This update would hit the shelves on the 29th of September (Friday). For those who don’t have the game yet, there is some good news for you too. For two weeks, the game would be sold at half the price.