Traditional 2D platforms like Castlevania remind us so much of the 1930s because of the horror they have along with the weird —in a good way—fiction that the writer has masterfully put into the depths of Sundered too. The inspiration behind this rogue game is heightened by the use of music that gives you chills of Limbo and to top, there is some awesome hand-drawn art that truly defines the Sundered’s world. The voice that is constantly speaking with the hero leaves you imagining so many things that your moods change instantly and the cue music that is played when the troubles are about to come is enough to hide the flaws of the game.


The story of the game begins with a journey of a hooded, lone wander, called Eshe. She is surrounded by dark powers that pull her down to the underworld. This darkness has much more hidden away in it than the story shows and the details are buried deep. It is a tale of redemption where Eshe is stuck in a strange land but she is more focused on escaping. There are voices that guide her in a poetic through the ruins of caves and there are black glowing spheres that make these brief movements even scarier. The main focus here is on the moods of Eshe here and they follow her throughout the completion of every task when she unlocks shortcuts or finds magical shrines that grant her new abilities.

Visuals and Gameplay:

Sundered is really unpredictable and the visuals look amazing with hard-drawn smoke arising from the explosions and the huge status of aliens that look like whispering to you all the time. The bosses are the highlight of the game as you will face foes from big alien spiders to the throne giants that are so big that Eshe looks like a tiny pile of dots on the screen fighting against them. The game takes a unique approach while connecting scene generation of shortcuts, bosses and everything else and the passages seem to be changing automatically after every boss fight. There are three zones that give you break from the previous visuals as your walk through them and the challenge like big energy guns, strong winds, and deadly clouds make it worth your while as you pass from Cathedral and Shadow Complex. You have to remember the layout of the places in order to find the easiest passages and the difficulty increases with the level as there are no hints for you to unlock new stuff.

Combat and Everything Else:

The game becomes harder and harder when you go into more depth, slicing and dicing the monsters along the way. The battles can be silent sometimes but the enemies spawn you from every direction when you are attacked by the hordes and constant threats in the presence of horrible screams and gongs. The combat can be fast-paced but Eshe can dodge attacks and harm enemies quickly by rolling in the process, once she gets enough upgrades. The battles—from blowing up a bunch of monsters or fighting the hordes—are chaotic and when the bombs go off, you just blindly press buttons. The death comes easily to you and sometimes, it’s a good thing because you can go back to the ability tree every time you die and use elder shards in other combat modes.