Stellaris had earlier announced the coming of a new patch a couple of weeks ago, and when it looked like it was not forthcoming, fans started to cry foul on forums. In response to that, the Stellaris 1.9 update is now out for the faithful of the game.

According to what we have seen in the update sheet for this patch, the Stellaris 1.9 is sure to improve the gamer’s experience. Part of the update is a new ship set added to the existing fleet, new city appearances, portraits and bug fixes.

If you use your headset while playing the game, you will be treated to new audio files to improve the gaming experience. Pre-scripted empires are included too. To cap it all off, a number of bugs were quashed to enhance gameplay.

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For those who were wondering, the Humanoids Species pack is what comes with the Stellaris 1.9. To build around that, there is the humanoid ship set and up to ten new portraits of the humanoid species. For the city appearances, guess what kind of skin we got? Spot on – humanoids, again.

Asides the three song remixes to match the humanoid themes, there are Soldier, Advisors and Technocrat advisor voice set themes to match the humanoid experience. For the full list of bugs that were fixed, you can find that here.
For a game that has already taken a 9/10-point score on Steam, this new update could push it over that scoreline a little bit more.