If you have not already found out, let us be the ones to tell you that SteamVR no has a new update rolling out. This update is going to the official version of the platform, taking along with it some exciting new features as well as some improved functionalities from the beta version. Above all, you are going to love the new ability to assign settings per application and the new auto resolution feature.

If you have been in the beta build section, you won’t find this auto resolution feature all that new. For those that haven’t smelt the coffee, it refers to a new algorithm that has been built to optimise the visual experience of users so much more, making the use of this platform becomes even more exciting.

The new feature plans to do that by custom-tuning the app resolution in such a way that it performs best with the given parameters. In this case, those are the headset and type of GPU on board.

Asides that, the per-app settings will now allow users customise important configurations based on the kind of application to be launched. This will find importance in the way of shifting resolutions as most often times, one size does not really fit all. Before you go on to make some tweaks you won’t like, make sure you keep in mind your headset, the GPU on board and ow demanding such a game can be too.

Finally, it would not be a complete update if it did not come with some other minor bug fixes and improvements. If you are interested in the full changelog, you can find that here. For now, let’s know what you think about these new features in the comments box. Hit or Miss?