Following some recent Reddit interview comments of Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone, there has been the impression that the single-player mode of Stardew Valley is at its peak already. The lone developer complained about the fact that the game had been ported to many different engines, making the addition of new content hard.

Thus, everyone thought the latest of the game we had on our hands would be the last.

Well, all that can soon be turned to mere speculation now. Posting to Twitter, Barone confirmed that he has started working on new single player content for the game. Showing that he was far from done tinkering with this masterpiece of a game, he went ahead to tease the fans into what to expect from the tweet.

Yes, there you see it – a boat. Following up on this tweet, ConcernedApe made it known that the content will not only be available on PC but console versions of the game. Looks like someone is not so pissed at porting to multiple machines anymore.

Unfortunately, that is as much as we know about the new single player update too. As soon as something comes up, we will be the first to let you know. Don’t forget that Barone has also been working on the multiplayer version of the game for a while, and we have reported all about it here.