When Splatoon was launched back in 2015 for Wii U, fans hardly got to play the game to its full potential and now Nintendo has relaunched it in all its glory and colorful coating on Switch. Splatoon 2 is a not a new sequel but just an updated and better version of the original one but this adorable shooter with new toys and some seriously good updates is a gift for those who couldn’t have fun with colors because of the less available Wii U. You might find some questionable complications while matchmaking due to some traps but there are some co-op modes that are so fun, you will be additive to the game to come back again and again.

Weapons and Combat:

Just like the original game, there are ink-based weapons that can be used to both, splash the enemies and mark your territory that makes the visuals on the screen such a rewarding fun. Occupying and control more territory isn’t just about keeping score. You are more active in your own territory and you get a lot of opportunities to come up with strategies to cut off your opponents and reach areas where you can refill your ammo. Every ink-based weapon is unique like you cover more area with the ink-brush and some dual-style weapons that have a good fire-rate and allow you to dodge quickly. There are also some brand-new power weapons that can protect your whole team and some can be used to drop ink on multiple enemies at a time. Obtaining new weapons here is easy but you have to equip yourself with the weapons quite often to give you upgraded abilities like tracking people and fast ink recovery. You can buy any gear with the money you earn in the battles and then mix them to suit your play-style.

Graphics and Gameplay:

Because of the Switch, the fun world of Splatoon 2 looks much better with people and some amazing places. There are some characters that have been remodeled and given a new touch. The ink is flashy and the frame rate is more than sixty in the battles. The switching between handheld and docked mode is much easier and the features can be adjusted using smooth controls. The main campaign of the game has 32 simple missions. The first few hours are spent in finding the collectibles and then the missions are filled with creative ideas to play around with. You can spray ink to activate moving platforms and stuff like that but there are no complications there. The best thing about the game is that it lets you try each and every class of weapons to know their full potential and get ready for the online multiplayer. You can head to the lobby for online modes where maps change every 2 hours to keep things fresh and exciting. The Turf War mode that is really good for beginners lets you play for three minutes to occupy the most territory to win. Besides this, there are ranked and league battles like Splat Zone with a powerful weapon like Rainmaker. Each mode has its own ranking system that changes every few hours.

Other Modes and Everything Else:

There is a new Salmon Run Mode that is hilariously addicting where you have to collect golden eggs from different bosses and put them in the basket. This horde mode makes it challenging for you to control the areas because of the enemy movements but ink splattering and territory mechanics still apply here. The Bosses that you face are some serious bad-asses and the only way to overcome them is assessing the threats and use your team to attack quickly. There are random enemy waves, weapons, and boss configurations in the online mode to add difficulty and intrigue to the gameplay. Playing with your friends and using voice chat to communicate better when communication is the key to get out of situations makes it a memorable adventure to keep you hooked.