Sony has finally made available the latest software update to hit the PlayStation 4 units.

Branded as the v5.0, one would expect a list of major updates, but what they have just done is throw in a bunch of minor revisions and updates.

If you have been looking to get the option to have your PSN name changed on this one, you might have to wait for another update.

According to the details of this update, the things you can expect to find in there are

  • Availability of a family account option
  • Option to run multiple parental controls on the same console
  • Option to disable pop-ups during video playback
  • Option to leave a party and still get notifications from the Quick Menu
  • Broadcast of gameplay to Twitch at up to 1080p resolution and 60fps (exclusive to PS4 Pro owners)
  • Follow any PS4 user from the “What’s New” feed (no more exclusive to verified users)
  • Inclusion of a new competitive plan called “Team Tournaments.”

And there you have it.

On the last update we mentioned, the “Team Tournaments” option allows the player have a clan that they can use to compete across various games. At least, that’s what it sounds like.

Expected to make its official bow in the market on the 5th of October, developers would need to choose if they want to make the feature available or not before PS4 owners can get to enjoy them it.