Samsung has already dropped its Galaxy S9 units for this year but there is still one high-end phone that they are gearing up to release now – the Galaxy Note 9.

While that is not usually the kind of business we discuss here, it is important business this time due to the VR capabilities that this phone promises to bring on board. If recent trademarks are anything to go by, VR will be one of the strong selling points of the Note 9.

Just last week, Samsung filed for two trademarks in Europe which were registered under the names ‘Perfect Realty’ and ‘Odyssey Z.’ In their goods and service description, both of these goods have the tags ‘virtual reality headsets’ attached.

We should let you know at this point that the Odyssey Z might be one of the misleading names in this trademark listing. You should recall that the South Korean OEM has a Windows VR headset named ‘Odyssey’ (which should have been the link) but also has a Notebook tagged Odyssey Z. It would thus not be surprising if this listing was for the release of the same unit for the European markets.

Moving on to Perfect Reality, we might have something to deal with here. We know that the company is working on a standalone VR headset that will be able to render in as clear a resolution as 4K.

In addition to that, the headset will also have inside-out and eye-tracking technology to come with it. Those specs sure look like things we would love to have and if it is coming with what is dubbed Perfect Reality, then so be it.

For now, though, there is no news on when Samsung will make these trademarks known officially. What we do know is that the refined display of the Note 9 will make it a great fit for any VR device, so why not Samsung’s?