Robo Recall is an excellent live demonstration of Oculus Touch Controls that includes a magnificent robot gallery in the VR with awesome shooting mechanism, contains a number of greatly designed robot models, a fully satisfying continuous action, and a weaponry that feels amazing to have. The essence of this robotic world is very much like Blade Runner but just with more combat touch. The layers of the main story send you far behind to recall the ascension of defective robots and the way they are retired by Rick Deckard.

You would totally love to face these crazy robots as there are so many ways to break them in parts—or you can just shoot them which is not a bad way to go considering the other horrible ones. The best thing about this shooting is that the robots act very much as they should depending upon which body parts you shoot and then there are touch controllers that make the rumble much more exciting with the combination of loud background music.

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Robo Recall Weaponry:

The weapons go to a wide range in the game. Once you have emptied a gun, you can easily drop them by losing grip on the controller and reload new ones from your holster after you cool down a bit. This makes the shooting so much easier and awesome just like you see in some great action movie—with a hero that shoots with both guns. There is an abundance of weapons that you can carry with you and upgrade them and if you get bored from these weapons, you can just slam the robots together with your hands or you could just toss them in the air and tear them apart as they fall on the ground.

Then there is time speed adjustment that allows you to just pick bullets and rockets from the air and send them back your enemy’s way. There are plenty of options for you to trash the bots and some of these are hilarious to even think about.

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Robo Recall Controls and Strategy:

It sure is convenient for you to just stand in a place and keep shooting away everything that comes your way but it is good to keep moving during a fight as it is unnecessary to get picked up by the scoring system that tracks the location by using the chips from the last robot’s expiring place. You can bounce around using the intuitive teleportation but it can be a bit disorienting sometimes as it takes long to get the hang of it. Moreover, the ability to determine which way you’ll land certainly helps a lot.

The robots can attack you from any angle so there is a significant blind spot in the sensor system of Oculus which is easy to find. Then there are warnings that let you know which way to turn but when you teleport, it will try to put you in the right direction that can be fixed by using another sensor by the Oculus.

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Robot Bosses and More:

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There are different kinds of enemy robots that you will have to face. Some of these are with pistols while others can completely disable your teleportation skills and let their launching robots blast you away. The repetitive and the most interesting robot boss is Odin who keeps coming back with upgrades to his format, weapons, and other surprise attacks. It gets old with time but it is really funny for the first time especially with the memes he sends at you—he is not that hard to beat, though.


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