Rimworld, after spending about 5years in the development stage, has now matured enough for the beta stage of game testing. According to Tynan Sylvester who is the developer of the game, this beta testing is the final stage before they release the first version of the game, dubbed the 1.0.

Being the 18th major update, the new build is dubbed ‘A World of Story’ and it comes a stunning 1722 days after initial development of the title began. With the developer already openly hinting at wanting to bring things to a close, we believe this is the last major content update for Rimworld before we see the real thing.

The beta doesn’t just come with another option to let some of the public play a game. Rather, there are new changes in it that are worthy of note.

For one, the world map now features generated place names to spice things up as you go. Furthermore, the melee combat is improved, new swamp biomes included, and a host of other new events to keep you interested all day long.
This is a game that lets your humans enslave, amputate and eat anything.

It is almost like the Grand Theft Auto, only that takes places in the Wild, Wild West. It is, therefore, a no-brainer why it would be considered the spiritual successor to Dwarf Fortress.

The game allows you to make various attempts to expand your colony while watching out for those that want to take your colony from you too. The upside is when you are expanding your colony, while the downside is a lot to deal with.

Talk about holding off a herd of bandits, dealing with diseases (even mental ones), handling shows of cannibalism in the colony and so much more. Even the colonists are not left out, as they might start to behave irrationally for no tangible reason whatsoever.

According to the post released by Sylvester, Rimworld is one title that they will constantly add more content to as much as it is being played. Whether more content will be added before the beta matures into the live version is unknown, but it is sure that we will be getting content after.