Ever since the launch of Ready Player One, there have been various attempts to improve how the player can enjoy this experience in the VR world. The latest of such, and an equally impressive one, is an introduction by the social VR platform, Sansar.

The app was developed by Linden Lab and has since been launched on the Viveport – a platform hosted by HTC as a storefront for VR content.

Ready Player One content launches on Viveport via Sansar

The best part of this creation is that users don’t get to enjoy Ready Player One only but a variety of other creations that can be attributed to the legendary director’s (Stephen Spielberg) interpretation of the book and movie itself. From within the game, friends can meet up with one another to go exploring areas such as Aech’s Garage.

What users will also enjoy is that the app comes at a freemium price. Should you be interested, you can jump into it at any time and start playing. When we say ‘play,’ we meant that in the literal sense of the word. After your initial experience, you will find out that the platform is more immersive for the user than it is a gaming challenge.

When you grab yours too, lets know how you feel about it.