An exciting story where events unfold emotionally, leaving a holding effect on you. The battles that are way more exciting than you would think of, have tactical meaning and are real-time. Above all this, the execution of all these things is completely flawless. This is what Pyre—the latest epic story by Developer, Supergiant—is all about. It gives you all that you can expect in a game along with the superb music. The music leaves you dreaming about some really talented musician who can capture your soul with the way he performs a really difficult segment with such an ease.


The story of Pyre is easy to keep up with and you’re the reader who is a part of an imaginary world where both sides—dark and playful– of the characters live like they were always meant to do so. Your role will be to put together a team to take part in The Trials which is the only way to break away from the Downside—a place for criminals in exile—and go back to where you came from. All the people you interact with are adorable and complicated. This will happen in an amusing hand-drawn world that can be navigated using visual novels or something close to that. The choices that you make will uncover the pasts of your mates, setting you on a journey with meaningful consequences and changing the fate of above and below worlds. As you have to develop the character by making choices for that character, so, emotional involvement is imminent at some point in the story.


The plot of the gameplay is masterfully planted and there are so many ways to shape the story of the characters that every choice you make, kind of just weighs on you. Even if they had just made it simple through just the visual novel choices, the game would still be a hit. But they added a real-time battle system that feels just like playing in a fantasy world that feels amazingly good. The key to winning in the arena is positioning your team mates well to defend your pyre and attack with the only moveable character by distracting the rivals at all times. There is diversity in the field and the visuals are awesome. The mechanics of the game allow you to push, jump, fly, and teleport. There are mobs in the field that make it difficult for you to plan your play but how you use the players in crucial times, needs strategy keeping in mind the personality of every arena.

Characters and Modes:

There are eight different characters with unique abilities that can be recruited in the world of Pyre and the interactions between opponents are rather intense. There are some fast characters that can get past the slow opponents and then there are some who can fly over their heads to make them delayed jumps. Some of these have blocking abilities using totems and the others can teleport in a shorter distance range. There are many compositions that can be used to your advantage in a particular match because all the rival teams have unique players and strategies too. This is what adds depth to the main campaign of Pyre and gives meaning to the challenges. Besides The Trials, there is a multiplayer mode that allows you to train against robots and other humans. There is a head-to-head mode that is only local and artistic aspects of the game never cease to amaze you.