Prey: This game has some seriously sophisticated built in mechanics for a modern RPG game and you feel everything about it like new and traditional at the same time. This classic science fiction has so many ever present dangers with such intrigue that lasts as long as you are playing the game. The interactive systems and stealth options make it a pretty good which makes you feel very lost in its world for longer than the actual play hours. The universe of the game is impressively spread out all across space with alternate history to explain it perfectly.


Prey: Character Guide:

The mechanical aspects of Prey are pretty much the same as other RPG games but the character development is way more complex with six sets of different skills and then they are complimented by awesome upgrades in your suit and scope in the space. Then the main character Dr. Yu can be customized as man and woman both—whatever gender suits you play style—to make meaningful decisions as there are not many upgrades to rely on. You have to be very patient with the upgrades too as there won’t be any good stuff for you until after you are more than a dozen hours in the game and most of the abilities are commonly used in the games now so nothing feels that special. You might not like every skill but the puzzles that you have to solve to get these are surely designed brilliantly.



The earlier hours of Prey are pretty intriguing with an opening scene that bends your mind psychologically. The main plot may end up being predictable but there are characters that make the exploration fun with surprising twists that are fascinatingly typical. The stories of the people living in the space station Talos and the people before them who lives there are most interesting—a bit small but interesting anyway because of the alien attacks. The storytelling becomes even more thought provoking with emails and audio logs that are well acted leaving the overall treasure of stories worth every minute of uncovering.


Prey: Gameplay and more:

The main quest—and the side quests too—are able to make the gameplay 5 times longer than the original time of 12hours by repeatedly sending you back and forth across various zones. The places will be the same but you would unlock heck of new abilities that will help you look at places better, scan them, and let you access stuff that you couldn’t before. Then you would be able to talk to the living humans, later on, to help you guess the outcome of the quest you are into. But you have to decide yourself how you want to do a specific task as it determines your moral abilities.

You may have to make a tough choice such as saving people under attack or just leave them there to die and then you might have to forgive someone or take revenge on him for killing your partner. You might find the ending revelations a bit flattering but it all depends on your actions as they speak louder than the words in the RPG games. Still, the end of the story could go in a lot of other directions with way more potential than the final reveal. The looks of the game are not so great and the combat systems are weak but overall there are some transforming abilities to make the game a joy to explore.

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