As we pull closer to one of the mother of all holidays – Halloween – game developers are not looking to be left out of the whole excitement. According to the datamined information on Pokémon GO by the Reddit guys, we now have some new things to possibly look forward to. These are as detailed below

– Raid lobby
– EX Raids that gets canceled would now have notifications

Expected New Features
– Tweaks to the passcode box suggests the possibility of Passcode Rewards
– Tweak shows the addition of a new AR service
– Several staging levels on diverse server hosts by Niantic
– There are references to an entirely new staging environment
– Tool for app blacklist, as well as other measures to ensure anti-cheat

Promised Content (Under Development)
– Gen III Pokémon soundtrack was added
– New badges ad events are referenced
– New entry appears, pointing to the possibility of a Halloween-themed stage and music pieces
– Lavender Town Night theme included in the pack
– Gen III species are shown in a new splash screen which is inspired by Halloween