There was a time when it looked like, no matter what Sony did, fans were not going to love the PlayStation units anymore. Then, all of a sudden, things changed for the company and the console regained top spot in the market. If Sony were to shell out accolades for those that made that happen, Andrew House would be on that list.

No, that is not the name of one video game character you’re yet to hear of. It’s the name of the President of the Sony Interactive Entertainment Group.

Having first joined the company in the year 1990, House was there to see the launch of the PlayStation units in the year 1995. The units metamorphosed over time, but started to lose its appeal.

Enter the year 2011.

House made President of the company and oversaw not only the launch of the phenomenal PlayStation 4, but the new and much-coveted PSVR.

While giving his last speech, he did hint at his current deputy, John Kodera, stepping in to fill the vacant shoes.

In what was an exit to seek greener pastures and new challenges after almost three decades of service to SIE, it is said that Andrew remains on the board of directors as chairman until the end of the year, after which he would be free to seek new horizons.

For now, let’s hope this beautiful mind can stay in the video game industry.