The PlayStation 4 has been updated and this update will be available in it Beta Version from 3rd February 2017 for limited users. The rest of the PS4 owners will be able to download this update by the end of the following year. This new update PlayStation 4.50 contains everything that the gamers who own a PS4, have been waiting for including many interface changes, PSVR support for watching videos in 3D, and external hard drive compatibility. There is some information that all of the owners need to know regarding this update for play station 4 and PS4 Pro Console.

Play Station 4.50

PlayStation 4.50 Hard Drive Support:

Now, this is kind of a gift for those who love more storage for brilliantly amazing but large games. You will not be only able to update your internal hard drives but also you will be allowed to use external ones as well. There are a few limitations like you can only use hard drives with 3.0 USB ports and this hard drive that you attached can contain up to 8TB of data. You will be able to store your media files, applications and games but the games with a user profile in a module will still be stored on the internal drives—which is utterly and respectfully acceptable.

Play Station 4.50 Updated

PlayStation 4.50 – Pro Boost Mode and PSVR:

The gamers will be able to get better experiences during game plays with PS4 Pro Boost Mode in the updated system settings along with increased frame rates for some of the games that came after the release of Pro Version of PS4. It has also come to the knowledge that during boost mode, users may experience unexpected behavior from the consoles—still no final official word yet on that matter—that can be anything as there are no solid details. The PSVR system owners will be able to watch 3D Blu-Ray videos without the need of a 3D TV according to the update. This is a Stereoscopic 3D mechanism which is created by using individual lenses that make a conjunction with one another that is otherwise done with the help of 3D glasses.

Play Station 4 Update

PlayStation 4.50 – Interface Updates:

Play Station 4.50

Apart from the big changes, small updates have also been made in the interface—display, socializing, and functionality features—of the PS4. The players can use now custom wallpapers as the background that has been a bit of an ache for many people who love to take screenshots and put those behind their console’s menu screens. PSN users will be able to post updates on their status directly to the activity feeds which shows in a separate tab with a title of ‘What’s New’ about their friends.

The notification process has also been simplified for the users as they had to explore several lists under a bunch of categories before and now they will be able to see all of that on a single page. The last awesome feature in the update will be party access while you’re in the game with an option from the quick-menu. The size of the menu has also been renewed as the first one took quite a bit of game screen.


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