Have you ever heard of the game EVE Online? Well, it’s no biggie if you haven’t. It’s just this super-awesome multiplayer online RPG space shooter game that has not only been around since the year 2003 but has been steadily making more markets and picking up a number of accolades along the way.

It even manages to have a VR version of its own (EVE Valkyrie) and has been the major inspiration behind not just some novels, but a community too. So, it’s okay if you haven’t heard of it.

Less sarcasm now, we promise (Haha)

So, if you have heard of this game before (or quickly Googled it right now), you’d find out that it has always been a PC Exclusive. Not anymore, according to news from PlayRaven. The EVE Vegas 2017 event is happening right now, and that is where the Finnish studio has made this announcement.

PlayRaven has promised the world of gamers another game (called Project Aurora) and set in the EVE Universe. Just like its base game, this would also be one massively multiplayer game where a lot of players must work together to dominate the galaxy’s centre.

As we are fast approaching the end of this year already, it is logical that the game would be launching sometimes in the year 2018. Expected to come to both iOS and Android units, there is the possibility of a soft launch in a ‘limited number of territories’ before that time.