Persona 5: Unlike its previous games, persona 5 starts with a bang in the middle of a vibrant and more violent Tokyo city. The long journey ahead continues with the same pace including complex battle systems that offer you long ranging weapons and other features that were absent in the other persona games. This role-playing game has everything for you—some familiar elements in the early stages and some surprises in the end—which gives the depth, meaning, and variety to the combat and the game itself.

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Persona 5 Storyline:

The story of the game is by far the epic one in this series. You will be playing a high school teenager who lives the life of a typical teenager by day and spends his evenings in fighting the demons of corrupt adults and try to change their hearts. There are dungeons in the minds of people who Atlus has to encounter and he sets them in diverse and far places. These dungeons are called labyrinths and the context of these dungeons changes without repeating any theme and mechanics. This thing gives a unique story to every place that provides intelligent, unpredictable, and challenging story moments in the game for its players.

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Persona 5 Character Guide:

The characters in this game don’t have shared chemistry but their individual lives are really interesting considering their troubled pasts and struggle for life in the current scenarios. There are serious subject matters like abused by the teachers, drugs, suicide, and other issues that have been explored and handled really well. In fact, every character has different motivation and reasons to join you that makes their palace’s target unique too. You also have to manage time with these characters because when you’re not busy saving the world, the afterschool time is to be managed well in doings things like reading, fishing, and training.

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Persona 5 Battles and Enemies:

The battle in the Persona 5 uses the same formula like melee attacks, ranged weapons, and magical attacks. It is a bit similar to catch Pokemon as you will be catching personas in this case that have a different set of skills and have their own strengths and weaknesses. Every other member of your party will be using one permanent persona but the main protagonist is allowed to have multiple personas at once. So based on this, you can change your playstyle by catching personas with different abilities as you move along. You can also fuse different personas to create new ones with inherited abilities that are right for you.

The enemies range from humanoids to monsters that could easily slip away from your party members. There are also foes that are invulnerable to all the attacks you’ll have but they can be brought down by swapping personas to create some special attacks that those enemies can be brought down as that element will be their weakness. There are of course upgrades and side missions for you as you beat more palaces and move forward with your journey.

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The world of Persona 5:

Aside from so many activities, the very thing about exploring the Tokyo in Persona 5 is a breathtaking adventure. The subways and city lights are both very similar to the original Tokyo that gives it well thought out detailed and vibrant characteristics that are fascinating. There are full animated cut-scenes to support the anime art style that is absolutely amazing, as they help to understand the major story events. The style of the game is incredibly beautiful and you can tell by just looking at it for a few seconds which makes it overall really a special game of the decade.

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