At the initial launch of No Man’s Sky, even though some of us saw something in it and liked the game, there was already some trouble in paradise. That was capitalized by a lot of designing flaws in the game, and the fact that it failed to live up to the promise it had created for itself.

Well, that was not the same story after the updates of the game happened.

What made a lot of people fall out of love with the game was the seeming repetitiveness that it offered. You’ll get to a new galaxy, maybe find some new species and hope the fun goes on and then boom! It feels like you are living the old galaxy all over again.

It was like an endless loop of the same cycle that was surely not going to let you taste something new.
With all the new updates and features coming into the game now, if you were to ask that is No Man’s Sky a better game after all the updates, I would not think twice before saying yes.

Gone are the days when fighting pirate ships in space were pointless due to the poor fighting controls and mediocre handling. With the patch dubbed Atlas Rising, you can kiss all that goodbye now.

The new patch brought on board optimisations which allowed the player fly close to the ground, do rolls in any direction and make very sharp turns/ maneuvers to beat enemies in tight spots. That is not to mention the new enemy ship highlight feature that came with the new pack.

Sure, all of these are not life-changing improvements, but they do improve the quality of life of the players that did stick with the game.

Furthermore, the fact that new content was written into the game makes it all the better. There are now activities like base building and joint explorations. This content was also polished the more, suiting the taste of the refined game player.

There are more planets, even more species, improved scenarios and likewise, broader variations to every story being told.

It will be unfair if we round this off and not mention the user interface. Being what should have come first, all items are made to stack, and the ship has more than one menu interface for you to view relevant and actionable data from.
Safe to say one of the most hated games of 2016 has improved a lot over the last year.

For those that have dumped the title, I will advise that you go cop it again. To those of us that are still sticking with the franchise, all I can hope for everyone is even more of these thoughtful updates.

Who knows what interesting features we might get on the next one?