Nioh: This thriller is pretty much based on Dark Souls but apart from that, this team Ninja creation has a lot to offer to the gamers who love secrets and tough demanding playstyle. The thing is that you have to adapt to your playstyle as you only get this much room for customization between its amazing combat system and curious story. You will have a plenty of enemies, smart bosses to take down, and have a story to deal with that is both awesome and terrifying at the same time—makes the journey more exciting, though.

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Nioh – Story Overview:

The story of Nioh is based on adventure and action. The main character, William Adams, who was a sailor at first and then become a demon-slaying hero in Japan. His first life is a bit underdeveloped but the adventurous part of his life through different curious locations and demonic battlefields is what makes the story so captive—thanks to some of the supporting cast as well.

You may not be very interested in William’s personal story but you are guaranteed to fall in love with Nioh’s talented and colorful cast who are set on a collective journey with a more than 70hours adventure on their way among tones that are shifted very easily in this epic story of history and fantasy. Of course, Nioh has an occasionally silly side but it never gets in the way of his epic and terrifying moments and then the story finals moves to its thrilling end that takes breaths away.

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Nioh – Gameplay:

You get two tutorials in the start and myriad systems, menus and then enough shortcuts to things that you need to hold down R1 to access them through the controller’s face buttons. In the start, you would feel overwhelming but the way you’re introduced with each mechanic is truly epic. You will meet William in the tower of London where he escapes from prison, teaches you some basic combat skills that are enhanced later on with complex stances and Ki meter.

There are tons of missions that give you a better understanding of Nioh involving training, combat, and magic but these also give some bonus skills that take time but are worth it in the end. All of these main and side missions will pop up on a screen when you reach a new level every time. You will have time to breath, get weapons upgrades at the smith’s and get things. The interesting levels like Ninja Mansion and a battlefield filled with demons are what makes the journey more fun—more important too—with hidden secrets, pathways, and shortcuts.

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Nioh – Fighting and Managing Ki:

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The fighting is amazingly great in the game but hunting down the kodama trees just feels brilliant. You can guide them to get many perks rather than just have cute collectibles. This part is as much fun as it’s silly but it shows that Nioh has an attractive personality—considering the whistling ad dancing around of trees. In the world of Nioh, the Ki is the attack force that you need—that is shown by a bar—and it is consumed while attacking, dodging, blocking, and taking attacks. You can gain this Ki back with a more timed pulse which gives you more advantages as well.


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