Nintendo Switch: It is very exciting that the new Nintendo system will have plenty of games when it’s launched on 3rd March this year in different European countries, Japan, Hong Kong, and Australia at a price of 200USD.  Although the switch will include much more than console but with superb features, accessories, and 32GB internal memory—can be extended with gaming cards—seems like a great deal. Apart from this and a 6.2 inches touch screen that can support resolution up to 720p, there are some great many things you need to know about the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch – Online Services and Playstyles:

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The online services feature will allow you to chat with your buddies, invite friends in online play, set appointments, and much more. The best thing about this is that there is no region locking at all. The switch users will be able to test this feature for a trial period before it becomes paid after a good span of time. As far as the playstyle is concerned, you will be able to play in three different basic modes; TV mode that is very typical game style, Tabletop mode with a kickstand where you can play using joy-con controllers, and the handheld mode to allow you to play by attaching the controllers with the system. For multiplayer action, you can connect up to eight consoles and play for 2 to 6 hours depending on the game.


Nintendo Switch – Controllers:

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The joy-con controllers for the switch come in red and blue along with some basic set-ups. As TV mode will require attaching the left and right controllers with the joy-con grip. But these have individual functionality as well if you want to hand one to a friend in the multiplayer games. The Basic button and home button are the same but come along with a capture button—for taking screenshots and sharing it on the social media—and an analogue stick that works as a button too.

You will be able to capture whole footage in the future, though. The controllers are sold individually too at a price range between 30 and 90 considering which type of controllers do you want—Pro, charging set, L and R, dock set etc. These controllers will have accelerometers, gyro sensors, and an HD rumble system that allows you to play with great sensitivity in the motion based gameplay along with a motion-IR camera on the right controller to let you know the distance, shape, and motion of the objects in front of you.


List of Games:

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A handful of games have been announced for the device since they confirmed 1-2-switch and then Arms—both multiplayer games to benefit the most of the controllers. The other prominent games are; Splatoon 2, Super Mario Odyssey, Xeno-blade Chronicles 2, Bomber-man R, I Am Setsuna, Dragon Quest Heroes, and the big ones like Skyrim, Minecraft, and The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild of course. This list keeps getting bigger as the updates come but most of these games will be available in the fall of this year.


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