As the release date of Splatoon 2 gets near, Nintendo has also launched their online mobile app for The Switch and there are several features that can be useful if you are playing Splatoon 2 on the device. You can avail different services regarding the game and there is an option for voice chat while playing in the online lounge of Splatoon 2. At present, the app only works for the mentioned game but as soon as the other multi-player games make their way to the switch, this app will be there to support those newly added games. Here are the things this new app can do in the exclusive game edition range.

Chat Options:

There is the voice chat that is much complicated than you would think. The app connects you to your player friends using your social media contacts—which is pretty conventional—but when you are playing in the online lounge of Splatoon 2, you can create your own rooms, add whoever you want from your friend list and then chat with them Via this app. Then there are complications in there too because these online lounges can only be created for team battles and private matches. You have to achieve high enough ranks to play these matches and there are some limited battle quests too where you can use this feature. There is no texting option and while you are in battle modes, you can only hear your team mates in the match.

Battery life and Responsiveness:

The battery life is great when you are just browsing stuff on the app but when the wifi on your phone is being used and you are in the voice chat, the battery life drops quicker than expected. It will last 3 to 4 hours on a good phone like iPhone 6 and so on. While you are using the voice chat, you can’t use other features on the phone. If you minimize your screen, turn it off or take a call, the screen gets dark until you are re-connected to the voice chat after having done using other feature and returning to the app. There are some glitches if you are connected the app’s online lounge while your firewall is enabled. You will be able to enter the lounge but won’t see any other members until you disable the firewall.

Game Information and Other Features:

You can see your progress on the map, your current weapons and the most used ones, and the information about the previous battles you have fought in. You can also see the details of your missions in the single-player campaign and look at the timeline for the next 24 hours regarding map rotations. There are Splatoon 2 shops in the app, where you can buy items from other rotations that you don’t have. You can only buy one item at a time and there is an option for reporting players who use cheats in the game or use unethical names and stuff. The app is exclusively for Splatoon 2 for now and is available for both iOS and Android.