Nintendo is surely concerned about the security of its users, and it has taken a measure to ensure the safety of online accounts. Although, coming a few years after other platforms have implemented the same change, Nintendo users can now use the all-new two factor authentication to further secure their accounts.

This works by using codes from the Google Authenticator app to prevent unauthorised access to accounts that have this option in place.

Sony made this move over a year ago, making use of a system of codes that would be texted to the user via normal SMS whenever they tried to log onto their dashboard. Steam has been in front of the pack for years with its email notification scheme but of recent (year 2015), brought the mobile system into play too. Microsoft would laugh at these brands, since it had been using the same system a year earlier than Steam, but is still behind Blizzard.

Checking records, Blizzard could be seen to have set this wheel rolling since before the year 2009. Now that Nintendo’s is here, all we can say is ‘better late than never.’