There were a lot of 3DS systems in the Nintendo series but due to high prices, Nintendo has allowed us an uglier—but way cheaper at a price of $79.99—version of their devices in the form of original 2DS. There may be a few problems with the New Nintendo 2DS XL but it has certainly a nice contrast with a low cost of $149.99.


There are a few features that are common to the devices of the Nintendo family but there are some that have been made better in this version. It is just a smaller package of 3DS without the 3D of course. There is a C-stick in it but works a lot like the dual-stick that is good for the camera movements in fast paced games. The screen of New Nintendo 2DS XL is larger than the original 2DS (4.88’’ and 4.18’’) just the same as 3DS systems. There is still a dual camera that just works like the 3D but the snaps of the back camera are of poor quality. The device is easy to connect to private WIFI but not good for public routers—unless you can change the settings yourself. Another great improvement is that it is lighter than those heavy 3DS devices as the features at the top have been moved to the base. The slot for a game card is protected by a cover that also covers the Micro SD card slot, making it easier to eject. It doesn’t have a sharp design and feels comfortable to hold.

Display and Issues:

The screen of the 2DS XL is much brighter than the other devices but the contrast makes the colors less vibrant, a difference that can be only noticed when you compare the devices side by side. The top screen is covered with a coating that looks sleek but sometimes makes the angle of view look diminished. If you want to spy on someone with it, it’s definitely good but not for fully lit up gaming rooms. The speakers that have been moved to the base instead of the top screen may cause some disturbances when the volume is the maximum that is definitely not an improvement. They are basically stereo—another change made from the original 2DS—but they can be annoying without the headphones. There is small hidden away spot for the stylus too and the purpose behind that seems to make the devices as smaller as possible which may be a problem while holding it as it is too small for hands sometimes.

Power and Everything Else:

There may be some screen issues but the processor of this device is heavily packed and seems better than even 3DS XL. The difference can be seen while playing Monster Hunter series that starts and runs faster. There are some enhancements in the frame rate that is more stable now along with better draw distance. You can play all the games that are played on the 3DS models just as well. It is obviously an upgrade to the ugly original version and the all the hardware updates make it a joy to play on.