The Tokyo Game Show is happening right now, and so are the games trooping in. Asides from cosplay – which promises to grab all the headlines for this year – there are surely other things to look forward to in TGS 2017. Some of those big things are the game trailers that are coming out of the show, and we have some interesting ones to show for it already.

From the publishing stables of Namco Brandai, we have some trailers to games which are surely worth looking forward to.

The first one on this list is Dragon Ball Fighter Z. If, like us, you have also been following the news for a while now, you would have heard about the new and mysterious character being developed. Dubbed “Android 21,” this trailer offers us the first exclusive view at what the character looks like.

Code Vein has also been promised with even higher difficulty levels than the player is used to. Due to come out in the year 2018, the trailer doesn’t answer all of our questions, and goes on to raise more in our hearts. For example, one cannot but wonder who the Queen is, and what the Red Mist is all about. I can’t wait to get these answers in 2018.

Last on the list, but not the least in any way, is Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. Even though the name contains a reference to it being an online game, it is far from that. It is, instead, an action RPG which has been fabricated from the anime (which also goes by the same name)