Monument Valley 2 enjoyed a very monumental acceptance when it launched on the App Store in the summer. Ever since then though, those who have opted to stick with the Android operating system have been waiting for a taste.
Not to leave their fans hanging, the developers of the game have now given a release date that they hope to stick to for Android lovers.

Alongside this release date comes a trailer, giving players on android a sneak peek at what they should be looking forward to. Set at November 6th of next month, the first instalment of the original Monument Valley game has gone on to improve in a lot of ways.

If the trailer is anything to go by, then Android users will not be getting any experience lesser than what the iOS folks are enjoying.

Monument Valley 2 improved upon the logic and dynamic of the puzzles in the premiere title of this series. In an interesting twist of events, they have also included a second character to the game. The good news is, this character is equally playable by you.

The game is not one to simply take your time, but bring your strong reasoning skills to the fore. With all the work that has gone into thinking out, building and developing this game, it will be a shame for it not to enjoy the kind of attention around it right now.