Battlers, get in here!

Its been a while since the last one but a new Gorn update promises to give you just the best of the game that you haven’t gotten in a while. Having been talked about for a while now, the May update to Gorn brings on board a slew of slick, new features to improve gameplay and aid better user experience.


New Additions

The first addition we noted was that of a new weapon. Dubbed katana, it is sure that this one will become the favourite thing for wannabe ninjas very soon. After a while of gameplay, you will most likely find out that this is not the most inventive new thing that could have been done in terms of weaponry.

Nevertheless, it’s great to have a chopping tool at hand right at the start of the game.

On top of that, there are new armour types for the enemies. The most intriguing of the updates is the promise that enemies will now spill improved blood. After all the bloodletting we have seen in this game, we wait to see how blood spilling will be improved.

While we wait on that, know that you’ll also now get the chance to enter for Champions battles at night time.

As would be expected, some performance and graphics updates come with the new game. A new title screen was even added. To cap it all off, players of the old version will recognize the betterment of the game’s weapon handling systems when they launch their updates

Gorn Gameplay

Future Updates

Free Lives – the team behind the game now known as Gorn – conceded that they had been at a lot of game jams in the past couple of months. However, they promised that they were back with full force now.

What that means, in essence, is that we should expect more interesting updates soon.


Early Access

While the game is still in early access, players have now been given more than enough to look at now. With Free Lives promising a lot of new contents in the coming months, something tells us this Early Access badge will be taken away soonest