Injustice 2: Just like always the game with DC heroes that are more than awesome, is truly exceptional in every way. There have been some changes in the mechanics but the fighting follows the predecessor—Gods Among Us—in a perfectly guided way. Then there is the multiverse mode that makes the game even more impressive and the looks of the heroes are better in this game than anything they have ever appeared in.

There is a lot of single-player content in the game who don’t like to compete and the combo system feels amazing once you get a hang of it.

Injustice 2

Injustice 2 Fighting and Mechanics:

Injustice 2 has all the strengths of the first game with smart changes in the mechanics. With environmental attacks, you can try to crush your enemies with heavy stuff like cars and trucks. The locations can be easily transitioned to hit your enemies with super moves like traveling through the time to find the hideout of your enemies and hitting others with Bat-mobile.

There are new defensive options for ranged fighters like Green Arrow and Deadshot.

The most important aspect of the mechanical change in the game are the combo options. These allow you to spend time beating your foes and keep cooking skills by putting together some insane moves. You can bounce your opponents off the floor to apply these combos that are more amusing when used with the meter. These combos are unique for every character and can be extended further using environmental attacks and such positioning stages.

Injustice 2


Injustice 2 Character Guide and Storyline:

The proceeding of the game tends to break the pattern with truly enjoyable Green Arrow and always good Flash. At the same time, the story personifies the struggle between Batman and Superman based on the things they stand for. The Joker of this game is completely different from the Clown Prince of Gotham—who is charming, humorous, has a terrifying laugh, and dresses hilariously. Instead, the Joker of Injustice 2 is a hot-headed psychopath who likes to make threats and wave a knife around all the time.

As you explore this rivalry between Batman and Superman, you get control of every character to see the greater, global threat hiding behind this war.

You will also have to learn 28 characters on the fly which is an utterly frustrating at times. The combos are unique for everyone so what simply works for one hero may not work for the other. This storytelling style helps you see the events in the DC Universe very closely like on Krypton or Gotham. It obviously affects the pace of the story when you’re exploring the individual stories of the characters in different modes.

Injustice 2


Injustice 2 Gameplay and Modes:

Injustice 2

The multiverse mode gives you the opportunity to level up your fighters, find and earn gear for them, and use these newly equipped powers to take on the increasing challenges every day. The common gear pieces are just fine for the character but the rare ones can really help you to customize your characters according to your play style.

There is a lot of equipment around to change the look of your character—from minor dress changes to bigger changes—and these gears can be earned from plenty of ways like loots, scores, objectives, and ending some story chapters which makes it necessary to visit the multiverse mode more often.

There are tutorials available for beginners to walk you through the surface but the content in the depths might overwhelm you. The servers for the online multiplayer are good too even if you have weaker network connections. There are hours and hours of gameplay for you to explore the content and understand the heights of Injustice 2.


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