Nintendo has been bringing a lot of its games and fan favorite characters to the 3DS and for some of those, they have made dramatic changes. Hey! Pikmin is one of those games. This spin-off of the original Pikmin series—that offered, amassing, tossing, and goods collecting in a real-time strategic gameplay—is a reworked puzzle game in the 2D platform. It does an amazing job at inheriting the charm and cuteness of its predecessor into a much-contained package. The only flaw in this one is that it doesn’t offer real-time strategy like the games before it.


In the starting scene of the game, Captain Olimar is seen to be in a lot of trouble—just like always—on an unknown planet. He looks adorable just like always and under unfortunate circumstances, his ship has crashed and in order to repair it, he needs to collect the pile of a substance called, Sparklium. This situation looks too easy and just another Cliché but the thing is that he has nothing to defend himself here. His only possessions are a whistle and a worn out jetpack that is good only for a few seconds. Although he has no weapons, there are plenty of beautiful and colorful pikmin on the planet he can collect, toss, and use for many different purposes. These little helpful beings are good electricity-conductors and they can attack enemies and protect you from pitfalls.

Gameplay and Controls:

The pikmin are hiding and sometimes lurking all over the places on the planet and all you have to do is whistle to call them and keep on your side. The gameplay is pretty easy because most of the puzzles can be solved by throwing Pikmin. They can be placed at unreachable places and attack your foes while you are watching from a distance. They can collect things faster and trigger events that will open platforms and pulleys for you. Most of the times, you don’t have to think much but there are some Secret Spot stages where you have to think through the abilities of pikmin. Once you become an expert in this, you will get used to the Stylus controls of Hey! Pikmin. While you aim and throw Pikmin using Stylus—same for a whistle and to use jetpack–, the movement of Olimar is controlled with Circle Pad. If you are using heavier 3DS model, your arm may be strained after a while but everything feels good once you get the hang of it. The controls may seem simple but they restrict you from moving Olimar at times who already has a very few movement options.

Levels and Challenges:

There might not be a combat-directed pace to the game, but there are hidden places and treasures that force you to replay stages. The only problem in re-playing is that it takes a lot of time to visit the places you want once you are far. As Olimar is slow, you spend a lot of Pikmin sometimes and simply can’t go to places you might want to explore later on. You can always use extra pikmin offer by Nintendo for a few dollars—usually, you can summon four in the game. The big bosses of the game may look tough but have predictable styles. There are some hidden stages that give you a hard time but still, it is a cakewalk. The key is to pay attention to your surroundings and get to know the nature of Pikmin