There has always been a recurrent debate in any kind of fandom: Would one hero be able to do well in the surroundings of the other? Well, if you happen to be a fan of either or both of Grand Theft Auto (Saan Andreas, to be precise) and Legend of Zelda (Breath of the Wild), you now have one less debate to worry about.

There is a new skin mod for Link in Legend of Zelda that lets you play the game as Carl Johnson (or CJ, as we have come to know and love him). The skin mod is near perfect, bringing some more excitement into the already interesting franchise.

To enjoy this mod, you must be careful not to equip any new tools else everything falls apart. However, you can enjoy the look of CJ in his trademark blue jeans and shirt. I believe all of you here are internet surfers, so you’ll surely find a way to download a clean and working version of the mod if you find it appealing.

In other news, Breath of the Wild is due for another instalment later this year. We have wind of news that this next one would be dubbed The Champion’s Ballad, and it would add an entirely new story, among another thing. That is after we had the first instalment (The Master Trials) in June which was equally well received.