Gaming in 2017: From long awaited expansion packs to some new fresh faces, gaming has evolved quite rapidly over the past few years. Where some games have moved towards the co-op side of things, others have completely gone online-only, while Blizzard works on their routine expansion packs for World of Warcraft and Hearthstone alike, we have games with completely free content getting added to an already free-to-play world.

Whether you’re a fan of MOBAs or MMORPGs, first person shooters or RTSs, one thing’s for sure, 2017 has already offered us quite a lot and is bound to offer us that much more in terms of the games themselves, but that’s not all gamers look for.

A new piece of technology changes the gaming world forever, the internet brought us MMOs, better processors brought us 3D gaming and the computers brought us digital games, well 2017 has something else planned for us.

Gaming in 2017: The Big New Tech

If you’ve recently felt like there aren’t enough genres for gamers out here on this little planet we call our home then prepare to be proven completely wrong.

Virtual Reality is coming to life in this year with the release of Oculus Rift in late March (28th to be exact), there’s already quite a few games out there that are fully compatible with the Oculus Rift but that number is bound to explode because if you feel immersed in the games you play right now, prepare be amazed when you wear the Rift.

But the Oculus Rift isn’t the only VR headwear coming our way, Microsoft and HTC are also working on their versions and we’re pretty sure other manufacturers don’t want to be left too far behind.

Gaming in 2017: What is Virtual Reality?

In a world where 3D sound is common and 3D monitors got trendy rather quickly, it was just a matter of time until someone decided to combine the two into glasses and cut off all your other visual and auditory senses for a while.

You can do something similar to it at your home right now, just check out Google Cardboard, if you’ve got an Android phone then feel free to give it a try right now, it’s truly amazing. (You can build a box at your home or order one, they give you the instruction manual and everything)

Gaming in 2017 : How can Virtual Reality change our games?

Imagine a game where you no longer have to use the mouse to look around, instead, you turn your head, this alone, dramatically changes first person shooters. All of a sudden you’re in a brand new genre of games, single player immersive games just became more realistic, the thrill of getting jumped by a hidden enemy can now be registered by your eyes as an actual enemy instead of a flat image on a canvas.

Yes, the movement will have to done with a controller, yes there will be games where the movement is automatic, yes, horror games just became more horrific and yes, multiplayer gaming and MMORPGs just evolved into an experience which we couldn’t even dream of replicating a few decades ago (okay, people did dream, but that’s all they did). You can have guild meetings while standing in your actual Guildhall, noticing the smallest detail put in by hardworking graphic designers, who would say no to this?

Yes, the technology is going to be expensive, but there’s already competition in the market and sooner or later the prices will have to drop.