You might have heard that MMORPGs don’t require any skill.  Try handing a mouse & keyboard to someone who’s never played a game before and he’ll have no idea what to do. Teach him how to play the game and it’ll still be weeks, maybe months until he’s able to play the game at a mediocre level. This is nothing to be ashamed of though, gaming is a skill just like any other activity, if you’ve never spun a pen (yes, pen spinning is a globally recognized activity), can we really expect you to win a pen-spinning contest in a week?

So without wasting any more time, let’s check out the few skills you need for playing MMORPGs.

MMORPGs – The Skills:

Don’t go through this list and think “Oh well, I lack that ability so I won’t be playing these games”, that’s the best part about gaming, you won’t be breaking any bones or cutting up any skin, if you fall in-game then just respawn and do it again till you get it right!

MMORPGs – Hand-Eye coordination:

You’ve probably heard about this one a lot. All of our activities, whether we pick something up or catch something, require some sort of coordination between our hands and eyes, there’s been a fair share of researches on the topic and one thing can be said for sure: Video games improve your hand-eye coordination, the ability to see something and react to it in a fraction of a second, the ability to carry out a specific set of finger movements and to be able to do so flawlessly is exactly what a gamer is capable of.

After all, there’s a reason surgeons with video game skills perform better.

MMORPGs – Quick thinking:

Games don’t really pose that many problems and MMORPGs are fairly lenient as far as punishing players for a lack of skill is concerned but that doesn’t mean that players don’t develop these skills over time, the one thing that video games have consistently punished players for over the past years has been the lack of quick reactions.

No matter what game you’re playing, whether it’s a first person shooter or an end-game raid in WoW, if you’re unable to react at a rate which would be considered superhuman for non-gamers (usually milliseconds), you will die a merciless death (well, your character will).

Problem solving for MMORPGs:

If there’s one thing that we can say gamers do pretty well, it’s the ability to solve problems as soon as they’re presented by it, just take the situation in a PvP arena as an example, if one of your ally suddenly gets caught then you’re not going to just stand there, knowing which one of the many enemies to target first, knowing how exactly you can make the most out of the situation and come out on top is something that every game is able to do.

At the end of the day, there are many skills which distinguish the hardcore gamers from the rest of us, the most hardcore of gamers actually have time set out for gym and other athletics, being a good and competitive gamer needs more than just 24/7 devotion to gaming, you need to have a healthy mind & body as much as you need the devotion to gaming.