Boom Beach – One more Supercell game which players across the world have been playing for quite a while, whether it’s due to their business model, game design or just the whole “you own a military base on an island” factor, you can’t disagree that Supercell knows how to keep their players addicted.

And that’s all that matters in the long run, there are countless alternatives to every game on the market, especially for mobile games, it’s insanely easy to simply switch over to another app as soon as you get bored by one and therefore, the most important part of making a successful mobile app is to have one which keeps players hooked.

Boom Beach

The game starts off similar to Clash of Clans, barely any PvP until you’ve been made familiar with army compositions and the different troops available to you.

Boom Beach however, is quite different from Clash of Clans as you advance further into the game, you’ll start seeing differences such as being limited to only one building being built at any given time, or that surviving troops can be reused in future battles if you win it or order a retreat, the use of abilities to aid your troops and the ability to tell them where they should be going.

These are all small changes which significantly alter the playstyle, Clash of Clans is all about being a mastermind and dropping units in various places, predicting what will happen and reinforcing them as necessary. Heck, some people know the battle is won as soon as they’re finished deploying their armies.

On Boom Beach, the units work in a similar manner but their pathing can be altered, you can order strikes on a building behind cover from your gunboat, use flairs to direct your units to focus a specific target, heal them up, stop enemy defenses from attacking or use decoys to distract their defenses.

You also get to build your own base as you please, so that the enemy can’t touch your resources without being bombarded by your defensive structures. Heading into PvP at the start might seem like a hard task for some people, but once you get past the initial grind of leveling up your offensive capabilities, you’ll learn that it’s not as complex and hard as you once thought.

The End Game

At its peak, even Boom Beach is highly competitive, similar to Clash of Clans, what starts as a casual game can easily pull you in and tie you down until you’re sure you’re at the top. Although getting there might not be a pleasant experience, who doesn’t want to try?

Boom Beach is known for having a difficult, steep and tiring climb towards the endgame, everything starts becoming difficult rather quickly as you approach the later levels, army compositions start mattering more than the already did, actually thinking before you attack becomes a task without which you can’t even touch the enemy headquarters, but at the end of it all is the satisfaction of systematically destroying another player’s base which was set up to stop you from being successful in the first place.

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