Fortnite players, you are in for a treat.

The game developers have just confirmed that a new feature is coming soon, and we think you will absolutely love it. Fortnite is not new to themed events. In fact, if you recall the reactions that accompanied the Fortnitemares (for the Halloween celebrations) and Survive the Holidays (for Christmas), you will know they have quite the hang on themes. Now, they want to treat you to another one.

Speaking on the subject was the Lead System’s Engineer for Fortnite at Epic Games, has confirmed that “Our players loved the Fortnitemares and holiday event, and it was a ton of fun for us to make.”

To the matter at hand, Fortnite hopes to introduce a Valentine-themed event into the mix. This event would be exclusive to the Fortnite Save the World and Spring It On events. Likewise, it is expected that the Valentine celebrations come with a Cupid Crossbow and heroes inspired by the Valentine celebrations patched into the game. These two events would be going to players of the game who use PS4, Xbox One and PC consoles only.

In the past, the fans of Battle Royale have been able to take a share of the action with the previous Fortnite events. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but we are hoping it would be the same for this year. And oh, in case we failed to mention it, set the date at Feb. 21