We brought to you not quite long ago the news that Samsung could be planning the launch of some VR models to correspond with the market unveiling of their Galaxy Note 9 device. However, there seems to be more going for the South Korean OEM in the gaming world than that, and this one is huge too.

Fortnite has now secured itself as the biggest Battle Royale game players can get anywhere these days and it has been announced that it will be coming to Android soon. The caveat here is that only those with a Galaxy Note 9 at hand can officially get the game as at the time of its Android launch.

With new evidence showing that we could have the Galaxy Tab S4 10.5 get in on the fun too, that may not be all.

In fact, Samsung may be getting all the juice. To look at the timeframe, the game is promised to stay exclusive to the Samsung devices listed above for about one month only.

After that month, the game will only be available to those that have the Samsung Galaxy App Store on their phone for the next 2 – 3 months. Without mincing words, we are still referring to Samsung users here.

When Samsung units stop hogging all the attention, Epic Games – the company behind this highly-successful game – will still not release it to the general market via the Google Play Store. They will instead prefer to put up the game on their website where users can go to download it and sideload onto their phones.

For a while, the in-app purchases feature will be linked to the internally-developed Samsung Pay system.

If you were wondering why all the fuss, here’s the lowdown:

Google will take 30% of any sale you make on their store which is something Epic Games might not be looking to buy into right now. Samsung, on the other hand, are more flexible with an asking price of 20%.

The deal gets better in the sense that Samsung could make arrangements to bring that cut price down the more for some brands. By the looks of it, Epic games got that kind of treatment.

For now, there are eyeballs on what the game will look like on what is supposed to be the best Android smartphone yet. With the superior gaming ability that this phone brings and the awesome build that Epic Games have behind their current bestseller, this is almost a match made in heaven.