Farpoint: It is one of the very first games that has been developed for VR play station and it feels really good in VR because of the great concept, awesome shooting, and exciting features that follow a traditional approach. As there are always limitations when you are playing in VR, so unlike other games, in Farpoint enemies attack only from the front which lets you play the game without worrying about moving around.

The traditional shooting games have a boring design but Farpoint lets you avoid that motion sickness that people face while playing in Virtual Reality by letting you move outside the limitation where a camera can detect you or your controller. The enemies in the game behave very intelligently and there are higher levels that encourage you while your foes gain ground and try to get you.


Farpoint: Gunplay and Weapons:

The gunplay of the game makes it really enjoyable as the handling of these guns has phenomenal rhythm when the parts of guns are clicking, chambers are getting empty, and you are swapping the guns as you use reload buttons and everything about this feels very natural and snappy.

These things make the game very unique for a VR. The combination of precision rifle and the shotgun is heavenly as you shot down the aliens from a distance and pull the shotgun in a hurry while panicking when the spiders just pop up from the ground right in front of you. There is not much variety of weapons in the game but plasma guns, assault rifle, and spike launcher are quite useful that nails the basics so well.

Farpoint Game

Farpoint: Story and Interface:

The story of Farpoint is about five hours long and doesn’t outlive its welcome. The story gets predictable sometimes while you fight the aliens to rescue some stranded scientists. The cut scenes are very well written and the story ends with abrupt surprises which make the credits fascinating.

The menu interface of the game is poorly thought-out which leaves the story unfinished in many ways which make the moving between cut-scenes difficult. If you want to select a mission like the first one then the first cut-scene doesn’t play and you have to through lengthy loads to watch a particular gameplay cut-scene which skips most of the gameplay.

Farpoint Details

Main Campaign and Missions:

Farpoint Actions

Farpoint’s main campaign gets very boring at times because of long hours in which you are just holding a shotgun. People can’t sit all day because the end hours are as tiring as you would expect.

However, there are interesting bonuses between you playing the online co-op missions and arcade challenges that are played using leaderboards. This alone keep the game interesting even if you have finished all the main quests of the game.

Then there are co-op missions that are peculiar and challenging as they have multiple levels of difficulty for you with continuous waves of enemies to keep you busy even if you have a partner.

There are also some fight or flight situations where a player dies and either partner has to finish the gameplay solo or you can just entertain yourself by walking around in a unique environment of space stations. The control options of the game really smart and point earning is way cooler that makes the game pretty much the best for PSVR.

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