Wube Software has heard the voice of their fans, as well as found some silent but salient points to be addressed as concerns the game Factorio.

Factorio – one of the highest rated games on Steam right now – is set to get an update tagged with version number 0.15.32.

This update is expected to fix issues that are caused by antivirus programs. To those that don’t know about the problem, it comes when the game starts crashing due to the presence of an antivirus on your system.

Coming with a larger size, the update is expected to do some other housekeeping jobs around the game software. This update is sure to get the fans of the game excited. Although still in the Early Access mode and prone to bugs, Factorio has quickly gone on to win the hearts of many, and the developers will hope it stays the same way.

Enjoying the kind of growing community and popularity they are gaining from the game; the developers have promised to polish out the rough edges and make sure the game runs even better