There is already a very high chance that if you are reading this right now, you are a gamer of some sorts. I don’t care if you are in the average or heavy gamer category. What I know is that you have some passion for the game and everything consoles.

Moving on, do you happen to enjoy discussing the games you play with friends as much as you like playing them? Then why don’t you have a blog already?

Yeah yeah! I’ve heard the normal excuses time and over – a blog is time-consuming, I don’t know where to start, what do I talk about, what if I can’t keep it up? I have just one question for you – why don’t you start and find out?
Asides from the fact that you get to discuss all of what you have experienced in the course of some gameplay with people, having your own gaming blog as a gamer can do you so much more good. I don’t expect you to believe me without proof, so here they are.

1 Having a Gaming Blog Helps You Network

One of the reasons why online games started to gain traction is because of the way they allowed us to interact with other people. The earlier video games had a knack for keeping the player indoors for most hours, and the online versions started to address these issues.

Having a blog for your gaming experiences would help network with even more people that you might not have met from the pool of gamers on your console.

You get to build solid relationships, share experiences and maybe, go on some team raids together sometimes.

2 Your Gaming Blog could be Helping Developers Improve

It is expected that when you open a gaming blog, you share some of the experiences you have had with video games. This kind of information is first-hand, and it helps developers see things from a user’s point of view.

That way, they are able to improve on where they feel are the weak parts of your experience. Afterall, they would want to keep you in the market

3 You Could be Helping Other Gamers Make a Choice

There are a ton of games out there. Even at that, the games are further split into different categories – matches, multiplayer, RPGs, you name it. For a new gamer, it might be hard to start sifting through the pile in the hopes that they would get something to keep them glued to the screen for a while.

From what you have experienced, you could just share something that would help someone make the best gaming choice of their weekend.



4 Great Source of Gaming Reviews

Have you also been limited by the 5-star system that most gaming platforms allow for their rating? Maybe you want to do just more than input some stars, but get your voice out there too. Well, have you considered starting a gaming blog?

On your blog, you have all the freedom to say what you want (don’t abuse this though. Some people are taking your word for it). You can go beyond the 5-star system, the percentage rating and whatever else is in use these days.

In the end, you would have helped your community make a better choice (see point 3), helped the developer – who might come across your content – make a better update (see point 2) and overall, lighten the burden on your chest (Haha)

5 Did I Mention the Possibility of a Side Income?

Yes! I said that. If you would like to make some few extra bucks, you could market your blog and turn it into a source of income. You could review some games and include affiliate links for your readers to buy from.

It could even be that you’d develop something of a gaming guild that could be sold (check copyright laws before going on with this), accept paid advertisements on your blog… the list is endless.

It’s not only enough that you can share your thoughts, experiences, and frustrations with your friends. Why not share it with the world too? Planning to start a gaming blog too? Now’s the best time. Started one already? Let us know about it in the comment section. We would surely love to read your content.