It’s one of the biggest games that are coming in July this year as the Beta Version will be released on July 18. This most awaited sequel will take you on an epic journey across the solar systems. There have been a lot of new changes made to the weapons and modes. The weapons have been classified into three classes—Kinetic weapons, energy weapons, and power weapons—and then there are further sub-classes for these weapons. There are gear-modes that can be added to these weapons by the Guardians to infuse weapons and power them up by a lot. Here’s everything big we know so far about this thriller besides the trailer.

Destiny 2 – Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer – YouTube


Cabal and Multiple Languages:

The footage below gives you a look at the cabal combatants in the game and there are 11 languages that Guardians can speak for global events.

(8) Destiny 2- A Closer Look at the Cabal Combatants – IGN First – YouTube

Nessus and Peripherals:

Nessus is a big world to explore in Destiny 2 and below is the video in which you can see Razor’s PC peripherals for the game.

(8) Destiny 2- Nessus Exploration Teaser Trailer – IGN First – YouTube

Sound System and Map:

The sounds of this sequel take the game to a whole new level and there’s a new crucible shaped map called Vostok that makes things easier during different game-plays. One of the most significant game-plays are Dawnblade Warlock and Sentinel Titan in Destiny 2.

Sentinel Titan and Story:

You can easily create the sub-class named Sentinel Titan and shape the story of the Lightless World of the game.

Endless Vale and the Farm:

There is another map called Endless Vale and there’s new special space in the game that is named as The Farm.

The full version of the game will hit the markets on September 6th and along the way to it are a lot of anticipations made by the fans and hints left by the Developers team of the Studio Bungie. After the Beta version, there will be seminars by Bungie Software where you ask them anything about the game and considering the fact that Guardians will be facing a bigger, more badass rival Ghaul along with the Red Legion to save Humanity and in this attempt, they will have to struggle as team too is enough to give you jitters, let alone the localization details and the awesome looking combatants.