Dark Souls 3: The finale of the Dark Souls trilogy is out and it is expected to be a haunting, grand, and frightening event so to make sure all of this, the game has been enhanced with the new setting and more fights with extremely badass bosses. There is a new gear for the fighting, darker spells, and quests that are so thrilling, your soul aches for them. Apart from all this cool stuff, the biggest moments of the event has been hidden away intelligently into the quieter places of the wonderfully crafted world of this game. As this is the last installment of the series, there are a lot of exciting references to the previous games. But not only that, the past revelations and some triggering moments have left the fans with mind-blowing questions about the beloved game’s future.

First things First:

You will start your epic journey into the epic Ringed City that actually begins in the Dreg Heap—a dreadful ruin that is covered with ashes and looks like a tangled mess of some old kingdoms folding into one. This place is so vertical that adds much horror to the terrifying opening events of this journey but one of the first things that you will need to do is to place the ledges everywhere before you fall several feet down into the fallen church. The heights and the overall architecture of Dreg Heap leave you dizzy and disoriented most of the times so you might have to stop a while to get a clear view of the situation during the battles. Even when you transgress into the Ringed City, the moments feel like the end of the world that are obviously themed to be part of an oblivion.

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Dark Souls 3 Fighting the First Boss:

This final DLC is full of Remnants and they are not always visible to someone who is not very consistently observant. They not only have direct connections with you, they could be hidden in the items and environmental stuff but it truly depends on where you are at the moment and where you’re going to go next. Not only this journey, even if you get bored of that, there are plenty of secrets, shortcuts, and side quests to keep you busy.

It will take you several hours to beat the first boss and you might have to track down some advanced gear like a set of great-swords, a folding dagger that turns into a crystal bladed sword, and staff that has been infused into the corpse of a mad king. There are three new rings in the game but Havel’s and Wolf’s rings are quite useful. Then there is a giant shield door that is a result of massive dual great-shields that are locked together and are fascinating to watch in action.

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Dark Souls 3 Enemies, Bosses, and Everything Else:

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The enemies in the Ringed city aren’t some new imaginative folks but they are completely relevant to the events. There are Hollow-eyed insect men that roam the churches and the Ringed Knights that are always a delight to battle with, patrol the streets. But the haunting angelic creatures of the Dreg Heap are the smartest foes who need to be defeated using your tactical skills with a great deal of restraint.

The city is compact but still, it forces you to take your time and there are so many implications if you know where to look for them. Sometimes there is a swamp of enemies thrown at you that might have been a piece of cake individually but are really tough when faced together. There are four bosses in the Ringed city and everyone brings something interesting to the battle. So, you will be more than satisfied while enjoying this short but rich lore of events that take place in the hauntingly beautiful Ringed City.

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